whole light theory

Dr Mark Birch Machin's Whole Light Theory confirms that the main source of blue light is the sun. Blue light sits right next to UVA and UVB on the light spectrum and so has a very high frequency.

These high frequency light rays create free radicals when they hit the skin. These free radicals create oxidative stress in the skin which leads to sallow skin, fine lines & wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Amplifying UV CONCERNS

Dr Birch Machin concluded that where we have historically been only concerned with UV rays, we should be looking at the whole light spectrum. When UV is combined with visible light and infrared, it causes more damage than we think. According to this study, the damage could be 148% worse in the deeper layers of the skin when compared to just UV damage alone.

The study states: "We found that our skin cells are sensitive not only to the single UV, visible and infrared wavelengths but also to their interaction within sunlight. This means on their own each is fine but when combined the effect is enhanced, like in boxing - the first blow, the UV, does the major damage and then the smaller jabs, punches two and three, represented by visible light and infrared topple the boxer to the floor."


So does this mean that blocking UV light is enough? We would love to say yes. We would also love to believe that everyone applies their SPF in the right way, however countless studies have shown that this is not the case. A recent YouGov survey commissioned by Cancer Research UK stated that only 37% of adults take sunscreen out with them to reapply throughout the day.* Sunscreen must be reapplied frequently for it to properly protect us, so potential damage from inadequately protected skin coupled with the amplification of UV damage when mixed with visible light may be doing untold damage to our skin.



The more that people are aware of optimum skin protection, the better our skin health can be. Digital Defence was created to try to address one area contributing to this damage.

Using Digital Defence with its antioxidant formula that filters out both blue light and infrared light, we can start to reduce the damage being done to the skin from whole light.

Digital Defence blocks and filters all blue light even at just 10% dilution in water, serving as an extra line of defence in your skincare routine.

Packed full of antioxidants, it will also serve to help mop up free radicals which are created by the pollution we are exposed to in our daily lives.